If You Live With Chronic Pain, You Likely Need a Team of Doctors to Achieve an Optimal Outcome More About Us Let J Sports Medicine Offer You the Possibility for Better Quality of Life! With over 10 years of experience, our clinic uses a comprehensive approach focusing on those suffering with acute, chronic and malignant pain. More About Us Our Pain Management Experts Use a Comprehensive Range of Treatments to Treat Pain More About Us

Welcome to J Sports Medicine P.C.

Chronic pain may affect all areas of your life. Reduced energy level, constant trouble sleeping, and many more unbearable conditions that come as a result.
At J Sport Medicine P.C., we understand your pain and take a multi-disciplinary approach to all treatments. Our physicians provide a wide range of treatments, such as but not limited to medication, interventional pain management techniques, along with physical therapy. Our highly trained staff cares deeply for the well being of our patients and provides excellent service at all times. We apply science in our everyday work and use the latest medical equipment to help you relieve the pain in the most effective way.

Our Services

Our board certified Pain Management Doctors offer the most effective treatments that are designed to eliminate pain. We specialize in treating Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Disks, Neck Pain and Joint Pain.

Pain Management

Pain management specializes in techniques used to relieve pain. We offer help with pain from a variety of illnesses or injuries.


Our chiropractors provide individualized treatment and offer the most effective solutions for pain relief.

Physical Therapy

We provide a wide range of therapy techniques to treat all kinds of pain related to your individual condition.


We offer acupuncture, which is a safe and effective chronic pain treatment that delivers unbelievable results.

Neck Pain

Our personnel is able to indicate the source of continuous neck pain and treat it accordingly right away.


Our highly trained professionals perform disorder treatments in the nervous system that cause pain development.

Internal Medicine

We specialize in diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases as well as in their timely prevention.

Lower Back Pain

We offer an immediate treatment plan for lower back pain as it can indicate an underlying medical condition.


What Our Patients Says

  • Dr. Joseph Jimenez and his team are superheroes in my opinion - with a bad knee injury, I needed help - both physically and mentally - due to immense pain. The attitude I receive here is exceptional - everyone is committed from receptionists to specialists. Dr. Joseph and his team value my opinion, discuss my treatment plan, he never rushes me - always listens and he is 200% committed to getting me functioning again. The result of the treatment are obvious, I feel relief each day. Thank you!!!

    Alan Perrin Avatar
    Alan Perrin

    I love this office. The waiting time is minimal, the staff is kind, friendly, and attentive. Doctor Jimenez is amazing, he takes his time with me and is ready to talk to me and explain any questions I have. He is attentive to the details, and I never felt rushed. My pain fades away steadily, which I am beyond grateful for. 5/5.

    Jillian Dennis Avatar
    Jillian Dennis

    My neck was killing me so I made an appointment and I was so IMPRESSED by the personal approach that they take when it comes to patients! Never seen this before! And my treatment truly helped. Thank you!

    Nolan Brewer Avatar
    Nolan Brewer
  • Mr. Jimenez knows exactly what he is doing. He is so professional and cares about his patients deeply. With his help, I was able to get rid of pain and now I can fully function and participate in my family’s life. Thank you!

    Karen Avatar

    Best doctor! He fixed my neck and I can finally sleep without feeling any pain. Highly appreciate his work and recommend this place!

    Gavin Robinson Avatar
    Gavin Robinson

    I have been to so many rehabs I can't even remember. But I guarantee that J Sports Medicine is by far the best. Highly highly recommended!

    Chad Cain Avatar
    Chad Cain
  • I have been coming here for about a year now, and I can feel the difference after my pain management with Dr. Jimenez. He is attentive and helpful and easy to get to as well. I highly recommend him!

    Maria Etoimoy Avatar
    Maria Etoimoy

    I saw the progress within weeks of attending physical therapy here. The staff cares deeply about each patient and they showed me so much compassion and support. This is not a regular clinic, they are truly amazing!

    Jenise Jonas Avatar
    Jenise Jonas

    J Sports Medicine is fantastic! Dr. Jimenez and his staff are incredible! They are always smiling. They all take the time to ask how everything is going and are genuinely interested. I've been going through so many rehabilitation, but this one is the best. My stress and my pain feel less ... thank you for all your help!

    Candice Weaver Avatar
    Candice Weaver
  • J Sports Medicine is second to none. Dr. Joseph Jimenez was professional, lovely, and caring. Highly recommended!

    Jody Avatar

    The staff in this clinic are real experts, very skilled and professional. They helped a lot to reduce my chronic lower back pain and taught me ways to manage it better. If you are struggling with the same problem, rest assured, this is the best place for you!

    Dag Krepper Avatar
    Dag Krepper

    I was hurt in a car accident and was referred to Dr. Jiminez. He helped with my pain and also helped me with my application for accident benefits. I would like to recommend Dr. Joseph from my personal experience with him.

    Joel Crawford Avatar
    Joel Crawford